So I saw that everyone's been making lists of their top 5 favorite songs. Well I did a list "Rory's Top 40"
And it's available in a zip file for you to download.

Here for Megaupload

You can find a list of all the songs here. If you would only like a single song or so uploaded and don't want to download the whole playlist feel free to comment for it.

Rory’s Top 40 (In No Particular Order)
“Oh What a World”- By Rufus Wainwright
“Insatiable”-By Darren Hayes
“The Origin of Love”- From Hedwig and the Angry Inch
“If I Ever Leave This World Alive”- By Flogging Molly
“Save The Last Dance For Me- The Drifters
“Something There”- From Beauty and The Beast
“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”-By Elton John and George Michael
“Dumb”- By Nirvana
“Devil’s Dance Floor”-By Flogging Molly
“We Didn’t Start the Fire”-By Billy Joel
“No Son of Mine”-By Genesis
“Chiquitita”-By ABBA
“ Take a Chance”-By ABBA
“Let The Joy Rise”-By Abigail
“All About You”-By Friend of the Family
“All Better”-By Friend of the Family
“Welcome to 1984”-By Anti-Flag
“For the Longest Time”-By Billy Joel
“I Love You Just the Way You Are”- Billy Joel
“I Believe” -Blessed Union of Souls
“Going Away to College”- Blink 182
“Alien”- Bush (Okay so this is my number one all time favorite song)
“Glory of Love” –Peter Cetera & Chicago
“Cannon in D” –Mozart
“Time after Time”- Cyndi Lauper
“I Guess that’s why they call it the Blues”-Elton John
“Like a Prayer”-Madonna
“Home”-Michael Buble
“Symphony Number 25 in G Minor” –Mozart
“Franco Unamerican”-NOFX
“My God”-Pennywise
“In Your Eyes”-Peter Gabriel
“I’ll Cover You”-From Rent Soundtrack
“Reprise our Roles”-From Bare a Pop Opera (Definitely my number 2 fav)
“It’s Your Wedding Day”-From “The Wedding Singer” New Musical
“American Music”-The Violent Femmes
“Gone baby gone”-The Violent Femmes
“For Good”-From Wicked the Musical
“Dancing through Life”-From Wicked the Musical
I think I've got everyone's address' for Christmas cards in order. I'm going to get back to comments and reviews some today, so sorry if your email notifications start to be flooded with my replies. Later I'll post the new video I made for Emma for her birthday. I hope things are well with everyone on my list. I'm just sort of still trying to get through life.

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Thanks Mira. Yes, I love ABBA. I had to sing Chiquitita and Fernando in music class in 4th grade. After that I became obsessed. I even love the *A*Teens . When I saw Chiquitita in QAF I couldn't believe it. Just like forever young, I loved that song before QAF and now both have much more meaning.

I'm not doing too good, but I'm trying.
Thanks for thinking of me. That is very appreciated. Hugs, Rory

From: [identity profile]

"Fernando" is a good song as well. ABBA has some really awesome songs. Seeing "Chiquitita" in that Pride QAF episode was so great, I was jumping up and down seeing the boys dance to it. :-) *squee*

"Forever young" is also a great song, I love it. QAF had some really great songs in the episodes. I like "Rapture" by Iio and "Sanctuary" by Origene.

If you ever need someone to talk to, I'll be around. PM me, leave a comment... anything.


From: [identity profile]

Thanks, I might take you up on that one day soon. Right now I'm a little silent because of everything. That means a lot to me though.

Well I did the Rapture video, which is one of my favs... if you haven't seen it download it. Youtube makes my vids suck ass.

Santuary is number 5 on my list of to do videos. I'll get there and dedicate just for you. Cause now I think it has to move up on the list. Hugs, Rory

From: [identity profile]

You're welcome. Anytime you're feeling bad, let it out in a message. I've been through some losses in my life, so I know how you feel.

Awww... thanks in advance for doing "Sanctuary" just for me, that means so much. That song rocks!

*hugs tight*

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